Snort Pumps have a comprehensive parts list and we have full backup and service facility's. We specalise in fast turn around on repairs and parts.
Prestige Universal Mining Pumps (P.U.M.P) has been open in Kalgoorlie since 2005.
PUMP offers high quality, low cost, effective pumping solutions in any situation.


Part No Description
F15-01 Motor Adaptor
F15-01A Guard Motor Adaptor LH
F15-01B Guard Motor Adaptor RH
F15-02 Angled Mounting Frame
F15-4A OR B Mech Seal
F15-4C Seal Plate
F15-4E Seal Lip
F15-07CI Volute Cast Iron
F15-08 Shim Volute 0.5mm Yellow
F15-08A Shim Volute  0.25mm white
F15-08B Shim Volute 1.0mm Tan
F15-09BS Cover Plate Billet Steel
F15-2-10 Impeller Key
F15-2-11 Impeller Nut (Nylock)
F15-12A Oring OR240X4
F15-12B Oring BS142
F15-13BS Impeller Billet Steel
F15-17A Coupling Pump Side
F15-17B Coupling Motor Side
F15-18L Dog Point Long
F15-18S Dog Point Short
F15-19SO Shaft Only
F15-50 Impeller Washer
F15-51HO Vacuum Head Only
F15-52 Vacuum Canister Venturi
F15-53 Vacuum Canister Nozzle
F15-54 Vacuum Canister Seat
F15-55 Vacuum Canister Filter
F15-56 Vacuum Canister Ball
F15-60 Reflux Valve Ball
E15-61 Reflux Valve Housing
F15-62 65mm S/S BSP Plug
F15-66 50mm S/S Nipple
F15-67 50mm S/S Tee with welded 1/4″ Socket
F15-69 Pressure Gauge – Custom
F15-71 1″ x 3/4″ Reducing Nipple
F15-72 2″ Ball Valve 316SS 2 Piece
F15-73 Vacuum Canister Housing
F15-100 Electric Motor
F15-101 65mm S/S Male BSP to Male Camlock
F15-103 65mm S/S Female Camlock Lumpend
F15-104 65mm SS Dust Cap
F15-105 65mm SS Dust Plug
F15-106 65mm Wire Type Suction Hose
F15-107 65mm Non Wire  Hose
F15-108 65mm S/S BSP 90 Elbow
F15-110 Vacuum Gauge – Custom
F15-111 65mm Hose Joiner
F15-112 100mm Suction Gasket
F15-113 50mm Outlet Gasket
F15-165 Suction Canister
F15-201 74-79mm S/S Superclamp
F15-202 80-85mm S/S Superclamp
F15-203 Air Inlet Tap 15mm
F15-204 Water Discharge Tap 20mm
F15-212 4″ Grease Nipple Extension
F15-214 Inlet Flange
F15-215 Balance Hose Complete
F15-216 3/8″ Brass Hex Nipple
F15-217 3/8″ Brass Tee
F15-218 3/8″ to 1/4″ Bush
F15-219 3/8″ BSPT x JIC 90 Degree Elbow
F15-221 1″ BSP Plug
F15-222 3/4″ Socket
F15-223 Vacuum Canister Hose Tail
F15-224 3/4″ Discharge Hose
F15-225 Discharge Hose Clamp  26-28mm
F15-226 1/2″ Brass Spring Check Valve
F15-227 1/2″ Male BSP Elbow
F15-229 1/8″ Hex Plug
F15-235 65mm S/S Nipple
F15-236 65mm S/S Male BSP x Lumpend
F15-250 5/8″ UNC x 1 1/4″ SS Bolt
F15-251 1/2″ UNC x 2″ SS Bolt
F15-252 1/4″ UNC x 3/4″ SS Bolt
F15-253 3/8″ UNC x 1 1/2″ SS Bolt
F15-254 1/2″ UNC x 1 1/2″ SS Bolt
F15-255 5/8″ UNC x 2 1/4″ SS Bolt
F15-256 5/8″ UNC x 2 1/2″ SS Bolt
F15-257 3/8″ Hex Nut SS
F15-258 1/2″ Hex Nut SS
F15-259 5/8″ Hex Nut SS
F15-260 3/8″ x 1 1/2″ SS Stud (allthread)
F15-261 5/8″ x 2 1/2″ Stud (allthread)
F15-262 M12 Flat Washer
F15-263 1/2″ Spring Washer
F15-264 5/8″ Flat Washer
F15-265 5/8″ Spring Washer



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